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Author, Teacher, Strategic Consultant

Welcome to my page! Please take a moment to browse my work, skills, and professional experience. I have three beliefs that have steered me through life. If you don't like something - switch; your goal in life cannot be to hurt someone; and DON'T PANIC.

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I am a semi-retired policy/political strategist/polyglot/semiotician. I occasionally advise re campaign strategy, positioning & message development, social/relational strategy. I have lent my wisdom on many pieces of legislation. And would do so again. But only if I like you!

I have created strategy for various international elections and yes, been one of the truly reviled - the Bureaucrat! I have done everything from not-for-profit fundraising (campaign of $1.5 Million CAD - I was much younger and better looking), campaign strat, policy development, Director, Executive Director & Chief of Staff.

I've also been a TV/radio pundit, providing analysis on current political events, campaigns, & political comms. If asked nicely, I can often be tricked into doing so again. I lecture at conferences, campaigns, and universities and have been known to do a workshop/training session on campaign/public relations. Sometimes people appreciate the help. Sometimes they are don't. MISTAKE

In 2018, I said Good Bye to it all and moved to the beautiful country of Estonia. Now, I gets involved in 1 or 2 charitable organizations ( children's and women's issues) and run a business teaching ESL at tech companies. I am also founding a new tech startup.

My oldest child Tobyn and I write Children's LGBTQ2 books that have been translated into 6 different languages to date. I am also writing many non-fiction books regarding the semiotics of politics in Canada and some historical insights into the last 35 years of politics and what I see for the future. NO! It's not all bleak!

Often, I get dragged back into the fray to help shape public opinion. I consult for the occasional politician/political party and a couple of non-governmental organizations. I provide strategic advice to my myriad clients often achieving the impossible. I'm still addicted to combing through the polls and stats most people do not understand.

And most importantly, I still understand the difference between what you Can do and what you Should do.

Most days, I enjoy writing and teaching English. I REALLY enjoys teaching. I like hanging out with my dog and husband as all my children have largely abandoned me for their own lives. There's gratitude! I am trying, in my own way, to make the world a better place.

"I'm only interested in short-term consulting gigs that address relational policy/campaign initiatives. I have uncanny pattern recognition, critical thinking and creative concept development. I am easily bored by simple problems."

If you are interested in speaking opportunities, please reach out via my email. I would love to speak on political topics, teaching English in a foreign nation, Cultural growth and adaptation for immigrants to new countries and, of course, all importance of LGBTQ2 children's books.

MBTI:ENTP Inventor/Adventurer/Entertainer

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Always do more, as there is always more to do!

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